requested by thinkingofducks, showing that neither Duane nor Carl could shoot their parent

One of the things I noticed, rewatching the series recently, was the contrast between Morgan describing Duane being unable to put down his mother, and Carl being unable to do the same to Rick, when he thought he had turned. Duane, ever the innocent, and Carl, who for a while we all thought had crossed too far into the dark side to come back. Turns out, at this one deep down level, they’re the same. I love it.. 

He’s just, so matter of fact about it. It’s beautiful. Like “Fuck the fact that I’ve been exposed to the universe and all these new and wonderful planets and races and technology. I want me some goddamn chocolate!”

There comes a time when you have to stop crossing oceans for people who wouldn’t even jump puddles for you.
If you need me, I’ll be on the other side of this ocean, happy without you. You’re welcome to swim, but I know you won’t. I’m okay with that.

Castiel has a greater influence on Sam and Dean than I think even they know. Or maybe, he’s just an intermediary to voice the inner thoughts they don’t dare speak aloud. Either way, this scene broke my heart. 

And quite a few hundred more besides, at least in Dean’s case. 

Even though Alex is a bit of a douche, I love him for moments like this. When he’s the most normal and well-adjusted of the group. Not all dark and twisty and scary and damaged. Just wanting someone to do his laundry. Grey’s Anatomy ♥

This scene. Too amazing for words. The seriousness on Sam’s face, the look on the doctor’s face. It’s just, beautiful. I love it.

Oh writer’s of Supernatural, I worship you so ♥

Changing Channels

Dean: I don't believe this
Sam [looking both annoyed and curious]: What?!
Dean: That was Doctor Piccolo!
Sam: Who?
Dean: Doctor Ellen Piccolo, the sexy, yet earnest doctor at...Seattle Mercy Hospital!
Sam: Dean, what the hell are you talking about??
Dean: The doctor get-ups, the sexy interns, the "seriously's". It all makes sense!
Sam [sounding significantly more annoyed]: What makes sense!? What's going on?!
Dean [sounding just a wee bit excited]: We're IN Doctor Sexy M.D.
[Sam looks as though he's having a complete nervous/emotional break down]
As I am currently watching Supernatural alternatively with Grey's Anatomy while I write notes, I found this scene particularly funny. There were a lot of "seriously's" in the last episode too. Oh, it's amazing.

Just watched this movie. Still both amused and in awe. I love his wee cute accent ♥ - imitating it now-

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